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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

You know it would a lot easier if the two US Presidential Candidates would agree to settle the US election in a dance-off. That’s right! No television ads, no million dollar campaigns, no presidential debates – just a one-on-one dance off. It would definitely save the American economy tons of money, and just maybe their economy would not be going through this financial crisis.

Now, people might say that MaCain is too old to dance and have no ‘dance moves’ but I say don’t count him out. I believe he can still bust a move if called upon.

The Obama vs. McCain dance-off video, made by, was a video response to Jon.M Chu question: Who are the better dancers, the Republicans or the Democrat? The clip has made a name for itself on the internet and have made all the way to CNN. Enjoy the video and leave a comment on who you think won the dance-off?

I can’t help to think – who would win if there was a dance-off between Prime Minister Skerrit and Opposition leader Ron Green? 😆

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