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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

New Years Resolutions

There’s something really special about New Year’s Eve. Perhaps it’s the tradition of having family and friend close by as the clock ticks midnight. Maybe it has more to do with one chapter closing and another beginning. Either way, it’s all kind of dreamy and idealistic.

And you would think that living on a beautiful island as Dominica would make it a lot easier to keep those New Year’s resolution.

Unfortunately, a new you is not magically created at the stoke of midnight. It takes hard work and self-discipline to manifest these goals you’ve set for yourself during 2011. If you choose not to… well what can I say; wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

Here are 10 ideas that might just make your resolution-making decision easier while enjoying everyday life in Dominica.

1. Trace your roots — discover more about your heritage
2. Drink more water everyday
3. Open a personal saving account – kind off like a emergency fund in case shit happens.
4. Cut your hard-to-break bad habit in half
5. Remember your friends and family birthdays
6. Listen More, Speak less
7. Say What you mean and mean what you say
8. Make some “Me Time” between errands/duties
9. Turn your Phone OFF, not silent or vibrate…OFF!
10. Finally, take the words ‘someday’ and ‘soon’ out of your vocabulary…go out and live life in the moment.

Alright, enough with my ideas. What are you planning on working on for 2011? Let’s hear them in the comments.

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