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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Nestled along the River Blanc in Wotten Waven, Dominica and one thousand feet above sea level, away from the heat and bustle of the beach areas and the cities, on the edge of a virgin rain forest, where steam and natural hot water emerge from the unspoiled earth is the Rainforest Shangri-La Resort.

For centuries the natives of the island have been using these mineral rich waters and vapors for healing, relaxation and simple pleasure.Our geothermal areas provide us with ample mineral rich mud of varying colors for mud baths, wraps and facials.

Guests at Shangri-La Resort can partake of a wide variety of complementary and traditional therapies, including Tai Chi, Watsu, Qi Gong and herbal medicine, to name a few. The website also talks about enjoy river baths in hot and cold pools, secluded environmentally- friendly accommodations, nutritious organic meals, and many other restorative activities, which will make you feel like sixteen again.

Early morning hikes, qi-gong, tai-chi, yoga, natural hot water stone tubs are free to guest. But you’re thinking of going on a guided tour you will have to make reservation in advance.

The folks at the Rainforest Shangri La resort are only asking that you please leave your cell phone and laptop at home and come with the idea that you’re going to let loose and relax.

Have you ever stayed at the Rainforest Shangri-La Resort? Share your experience in the comments below.

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