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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

When you are getting ready to pack to move to Dominica, there are 2 ways to go about it. It really depends on if you are a student staying here for a couple of years, if you are moving here permanently, or retiring here. In general, bring as much as you can as there it not much available in Dominica.


I would suggest you pack a laptop, unlocked cell phone, double up on your toiletries, and your clothes. A smart thing to do it to send a barrel filled with Costco shopping of all the snacks and drinks that you want. Trail mix is always good for studying and pretty expensive in the grocery stores.

Food: Pack juices and other drinks. The price of juice and rum are the same price here. An Oceanspray jug of juice (I’m not talking Costco-style jug, the basic jug you get in the grocery stores in the USA) is EC$22 which converts to about US$8. That jug of juice would normally cost you $4-5 in the USA.

What to Pack to Move to Dominica

Read the whole story:What to Pack to Move to Dominica

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Le Flambeau Restaurant & Beach BarPhoto by Portsmouthbeachhotel

Le Flambeau Restaurant & Beach Bar at Portsmouth Beach Hotel is located on a golden sand beach on the north-west coast of Dominica, just half a mile from Portsmouth and is immediately adjacent to Ross University in Picard. It’s on a beach front (although not a good beach) and is a only short walk away for the Ross students, and is of substantial size.

It often holds events, such as newcomer welcomes, for students. It also has a well-stocked bar. Perhaps that’s why there’s always several diners and sometimes a crowd there. The restaurant has an attractive pre-printed menu, but does not feature specials, either in price or what the dish might be.

However, don’t expect great food. The bruschetta, for example, is simply chopped tomato and onion, with none of the expected Italian seasonings, served with ordinary, sometimes limp, toast. The food is good but not great, which one would expect at the restaurant’s expensive prices. Also, at those prices, one would expect that the restaurant would have everything on the menu available, but it does not. And if you don’t consume much alcohol or bottled soda, you’re out of luck because it’s unlikely that there will be local juice or clean water. We were offered cherry juice, the only juice available, but it was undrinkable because of the extreme amount of sugar.

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photo of comfortel del champ in Portsmouth, Dominica

Editor’s Note:This is a Press Release From Comfortel De Champ – Portsmouth now has its Business Hotel.

A new quality hotel in Picard, Portsmouth has started operations recently. Comfortel De Champ offers accommodation to the tourist looking for quality rooms and especially to the business visitor looking for full facilities.

All 5 double rooms offer air-conditioning, ceiling fan, mini-bar, lcd-tv and personal safe. There is free wireless internet in all rooms and public areas and the business visitor can use high speed cabled internet, wireless printing and faxing and meeting facilities. The owners are experienced business travelers themselves and will help their guests with service and advise to make a business stay successful.

New hotel

Comfortel De Champ is new hotel in Picard, Portsmouth. It is small, just 5 double rooms, but offers a real 3-Star quality to the visitors of the North of Dominica. Located on the hill opposite of Ross University the hotel overlooks all of Prince Rupert Bay and Cabrits National Park.
An existing building has been renovated and extended into a comfortable accommodation. Brand new rooms with air-conditioning, ceiling fan, lcd-tv, mini-bar and personal safe give the guests a good level of comfort. The modern, spacious bathrooms have full glass face basins and top of the line massage showers. Every room has its own private balcony with a stunning sea-view.

Business visitors

Comfortel De Champ is located a five car minutes from the center of Portsmouth, just opposite of Ross University and at the crossroads to Cappuchin, Calibishi, Salisbury and Mero. Any one that has business to conduct in the North of Dominica will appreciate this location.

The hotel offers free wireless internet, cabled high speed internet at request and the possibility to print in color and b/w (wireless) plus an option to send and receive faxes. Meetings with prospects and customers can take place in the hotel. All rooms come with a local cell phone at no extra cost offering free calls to the hotel and between rooms. Incoming international calls to the rooms own number and prepaid calls at standard rates.

The owners, Hans Schilders and Lise van de Kamp, have extensive international business experience and can assist the visitors in many areas to get the best out of their business stay in Comfortel De Champ.

During the short time that Comfortel De Champ is open it has received business visitors from Japan, Germany, Holland and Dominica.


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