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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

royal-caribbean-wedding.jpg Photo Via: Jungle Bay Resort

Are you looking to escape from the ordinary? What about a Royal Caribbean wedding on Dominica Island. I have lived in Dominica nearly my whole life, and you will think that I have seen everything that there is to see. Not a chance! Dominica is the perfect blend of adventure and romance. If you’re the kind of person who loves nature untouched and unspoiled, then look no further – Dominica is your perfect Royal Caribbean Wedding.

Whatever you can you can imagine, Dominica has it all and saying “I do�? to the voice of the breaking ocean Surf or underneath a lush rain forest canopy is my idea of a Royal Caribbean wedding. What is your idea of a Royal Caribbean wedding?

There are hotels and resort in Dominica which you can book your romantic vacation, but Jungle Bay Resort and Zandoli Inn in my opinion is a couple’s paradise, the they both complement their natural surrounding and how everything is catered towards total relaxation. Also if you believe planning a royal Caribbean wedding might be a little too much, you could always hire a Marriage Consultant. Some the resorts like Jungle resorts the marriage consultant in right there to help.

Legal Requirements

All Royal Caribbean wedding are subjected to local Government Regulations, and requirements are needed before the wedding. Don’t worry these are just formalities.

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