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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Mother’s Day is here again, and moms from all walks of life are looking forward to crayola-smudged, home made cards, a half-burned breakfast in bed with cold tea, new plants for the garden, and sweet kisses that will warm up hearts inside and out.

But this year, I realize Mother’s Day is not all about biological moms or adopted moms. I think Mother’s Day should be about the many women who “mother” children in some way or another.

I believe mother’s day is a great opportunity to acknowledge the circle of women who shape and mold their lives, and mine. Women like the grandmas, aunts, neighbors, teachers, counselors, mentors, or special ballet instructors- all of them deserve recognition for their role of mothering.

Can any woman mother alone? Ask one, and there is a strong change she will tell you it’s impossible. It takes a gaggle, a village, a LOT of people to raise a child. For mothers, it’s be a source of pride, hard work, surrendering all egos, and reaching for the highest common denominator.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who dare to mother outside the lines.

Want a great new twist on Mother’s Day, which sure to increase your happiness levels and make you smile? Write a group email or pick-up the phone and call to all the women who have touched your children(s) lives, and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day too.

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