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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The Syndicate area contains many wonderful things. Like, the mountain and the visitor center, the Northern Forest Reserve and the birds. For the tourists, the Milton (Syndicate) Falls are next in line for visiting. Their other name is Syndicate Falls, they are named after the area.

The waterfall is exceptionally beautiful, and it’s not hard to get there. All the way takes about twenty minutes.

The reference position is Dublanc, the coastal village. To the north of it, there is the signposted road. Watch the right side of the road, that’s where the Milton Falls sign should appear in around ten minutes. Go along the track to the fork, where you choose the left branch. At the next bifurcation you also go left. The path leads uphill, and it’s kind of muddy.

The trail to the fall starts in the small parking area, where the second Milton Falls signpost and a large mango tree are. You’ll have to pay the fee of 2 US dollars per person to the co-operative called Banana Topia Inc. The reasons to pay are like these: You’ll be going to pass through private land and the co-operative is maintaining the trail and developing facilities. For paying, walk to the building where the vehicle track leads.

Milton (Syndicate) Falls in DominicaPhoto by Heather Bratulich

After you do, proceed. There’s going to be one more fork. That’s right: You take the trail to the left, again. Follow it along the river until you find the small tributary. Then walk along its bank, it’ll be the right side and it finishes with a dead end. Just before the end, you’ll see the trail appear on the opposite bank. Cross the tributary, so you could follow the trail over the shingly left bank. Then, you will reach the waterfall.

I don’t recommend you bathe in the falls. There is a sign at the head of the track. It informs the tourists that the Milton Falls are a water source for several settlements; so if one introduces pollutants to the falls, it will affect those who depend on the water. Polluting the falls is an offence punishable by a fine and imprisonment. The law is not mean; in fact, it is necessary. So the tourists have to content themselves with simple observing. It’s great fun, too.

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