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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

This is adorable, rapper Snoop Dogg on the Martha Stewart Television Show sharing his top 5 Fatherhood tips. Did you Martha face when snoop read tip number #5, looked like she lost her funny bone – Martha! When living in the ghetto fatherhood takes on a whole new meaning.

I like Snoop Dogg tips, and some folks might not agree with me when I say – that these fatherhood tips would work great here in Dominica; particularly, tip #2 “No when to be mean and no when to be a friend” and tip# 3 “Always stay in control“. And just maybe our fathers can regain control their children.

I’m curious to hear your tips on fatherhood and how parents can regain control over their children. Share ’em in the comments.

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A few years ago, I had an argument with one of my sisters, about her watching “As the World Turns”. Basically I was trying to discourage her from watching all these soap operas. I gave her many reasons not to. It waste of time, it is petty, and it promotes vanity.

Anyway, after about two hour of sermon she told me she would try to stop. Thinking about the whole discussion, though, I realized that I could have summarized it in a better way: As the World Turns is not something pure.

If you lookup pure in the dictionary, pure refers to things that are free of dirt or pollution, that have a uniform composition, that are complete and sinless. The interesting thing is that this concept can be extended to virtually any field or venture. There are pure movies and impure movies. There is pure talk and impure talk. There are pure people and impure people.

Many people wonder why they’re not happy, even if they are financially stable. Apply the principle of purity to your life and it will become much easier to decide the things you should be doing and the ones you shouldn’t. I assure you will feel better about yourself and your decisions.

Sitting in front of the television watching soap operas or reality shows is impure. It will not make you grow as a human being. It will not make you more conscious. Sometimes, in fact, it will do exactly the opposite.

Have time to spare? Learn a foreign dance. Spend some time with friends and family. Read a good book. Learn how to play an instrument. Practice a sport. These are pure things.

Not convinced that this principle applies to virtually anything? Think about your job. You could always step on other people to rise and make more money. You could always put honesty and integrity aside and do whatever it takes to gain more power.

Is such attitude pure? Would this be worth it? I don’t think so.

In the end it will be only you and a mirror, and usually only pure images get reflected.

Photo by DownTown Pictures

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There is no denying that the rise of the computer coupled with the increasing availability of high speed internet in the Caribbean, has made one of the most significant impacts on our lives in the past few years.

I know for sure that would be lost without mine and I’m not alone…a survey earlier this year, research shows that 84% of responders stated that they were “more dependent on their home computer now than they were just three and a half years ago” and that 65% of them spend more time with their computer than their own spouse. 🙂

Ever since I realised that my chronic eye strain was getting worse to the extent that I couldn’t actually see straight on my screen when I was tired, I’ve been trying out different ways to limit the time I spend on my laptop. It’s not an easy task to come from work, (where I spend 8-9 hours in front a computer screen), update this blog in the evenings, and stay in touch with friends and family.
So just how can you overcome your computer addiction, claim your real life back from your virtual one and step away from the screen?

Here are 3 of the most effective ways I’ve found work best…

Time yourself

The first step in reducing the amount of time you spend in front of your screen is to get an idea of just how much time you do actually spend there.

In some cases, this may be a real eye-opener. For example, I estimated that I spend an average of 4 or so hours at my laptop every day after work and on weekends it close to 10 hours each day. To this date I can’t remember the last time I turned on my television set. Not to long ago II had no choice and disconnect my cable TV subscription.

Once I realised this I started to keep a much closer eye on the time I spent doing specific tasks on my computer – aimless surfing, blogging, chatting, etc. Doing this helped me deduce that a whopping 35% of the total time I spent on my laptop was really not that productive – instant things I could address to help cut down my computer usage.

Plan specific activities away from your computer

If you don’t plan specific activities for whilst you’re away from the computer, then you are much more likely to fall into the trap of aimless surfing or playing Solitaire when you have spare time to kill or just need a break from the work.

Planning something specific to do when you take a break from the computer will not only give you some structure to this time, it can help you structure your day more efficiently as a whole.

Uninstall and remove unnecessary programs

This might seem an extreme solution but it’s also an effective one. Removing all the programs, services, tools and software that you don’t use for your work means that you won’t be tempted to spend unproductive time on the computer in your breaks or when your work is done.

Unplugging from the internet is the other biggie – reducing that temptation to spend an hour surfing aimlessly – and when you do go online to achieve a specific task, try using your time tracker to give yourself a limit and help focus you on the task at hand.

So if you’ve noticed yourself spending absurd amounts of time on the computer and thought about cutting down, try these tips and let me know how you get on.

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