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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Editors note:This article was published in Editorial Section of the Feb 13, 2009 issue of The Chronicle Newspaper

On Monday March 9, 2009, Dominica joined other Commonwealth states to celebrate Commonwealth Day under the theme of ‘Serving a new generation’ which is the overall theme for the Commonwealth’s 60th anniversary year.

As the nation reflected on the value of the deep-rooted linkages of the Commonwealth network, it was an opportune time to evaluate the condition and relevance of the alliance in a time of wide-ranging global problems and uncertainties.

All indicators suggest that the Commonwealth continues to be a potent force in global affairs today and is responding well to shifting world situations. Moreover, the associations among member nations have evolved and the alliance is facing contemporary world issues with a bold new face.
This year’s Commonwealth Day theme is of particular relevance to the new look of the alliance. As the Commonwealth faces the challenge of achieving a durable peace, it has loosened its membership criteria and expanded its multicultural association to attract new partners.

At one time, membership of the Commonwealth was reserved exclusively for former members of the colonial empire of ‘Great Britain’. However, ten years ago at a summit in Edinburgh, member states agreed to invite membership of any country with a colonial legacy, not just the United Kingdom and its former satellites.
The Commonwealth has evolved into a vital network of nations committed to building a better world, making their economies stronger and improving their systems of governance. Comprising 53 independent states, the Commonwealth is a non-political organisation with equality of membership despite members’ social, political, size and economic differences.

Thriving on the sheer magnitude of the collective representation of its membership, the Commonwealth has never ceased to be an opinion leader on the global stage. Representing some 2 billion people, or approximately one-third of the world’s population, the Commonwealth continues to set the pace as a unique forum for a broad range of global issues.

Now, in its 60th year, the Commonwealth seeks to be more dynamic and flexible to reach out to a new generation of youths, who comprise the overwhelming majority of the world’s population. New policies have been shaped to provide more consultation and cooperation with youths in the promotion of international understanding and world peace.

Considering the range and diversity of the nations that make up the Commonwealth, encompassing both rich nations and poor across six continents and five oceans, the alliance is ideally placed to develop the movement’s core principles. In particular, the new-look Commonwealth intends to target youths to become key players in its role in global affairs.

Aside from the promotion of world peace and prosperity, the Commonwealth provides invaluable support for the United Nations and its democratic principles, including the promotion of individual liberty and egalitarianism; the eradication of poverty, ignorance, disease, and economic inequality among others.
Dominica should continue to attach great importance to its membership of the Commonwealth and continue to uphold the Commonwealth principles. As this alliance continues to grow, future generations should have an even better Commonwealth Day legacy to share and celebrate.

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Can’t help myself to think about the and I question if this was good business move by the Prime Ministers of the three countries, Antigua’s Baldwin Spencer, Barbados’ Owen Arthur and St Vincent’s Ralph Gonsalves, who were the main share holders in Liat. With this merger Mr. Stanford has monopolizes the Airlines and now are we ready to face the possible repercussions:

  • Will we see Job loss from both Airlines?
  • Increase in Airfares tickets (no competition)…
  • or will this merger help fill all the empty seats and finally produce a profit ?

I guess the decision is in one Man hands……courtesy of our island leaders

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“The Caribbean’s Most Original Carnival”

Dominica’s Carnival 2007 ‘The Real Mas’, is a pre-Lenten festival, It is unquestionably the most festive season in Dominica. It is hard to miss the fervor of the people’s loyalty to their favorite calypsonian or pageant during the preceding months of the Calypso Final and the National Queen Show.

Dominica Carnival 2007 Calendar of Events

January 10 – Carnival Launch Party – Local and foreign media, event sponsors and artists will all be in attendance at the Carnival launch party at Fort Young Hotel from 6-8:30 p.m.

January 10 – Stardom Calypso Tent – Famous tent open every Wednesday before Carnival Monday & Tuesday giving the calypsonians a chance to showcase their songs before and during the Calypso Competitions. Reigate Downtown, 8 p.m.

January 12 – Showdown Mas Camp – Another Calypso tent that gives calypsonians who participate in the Calypso Monarch Competition a chance to showcase their winning songs. Harlem Plaza – Newtown, 8 p.m.

January 11 – 25 – B Mobile Carnival Warm-Up – Every Thursday at Pointe Michel, Castle Bruce, Grandbay, Salisbury from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

January 20 – Calypso Quarterfinals – New Town Savannah

January 27 – National Parade and Official Opening of Carnival City – This event kicks off Carnival. The Queen Contestants, Calypsonians, Princess Show Contestants, popular band performances, people in sensay costumes, the blackies, stilt walkers (moko jumbies), cheerleaders, company floats and costumed bands on the street, weaving their way to Carnival City. The key to Carnival City will be handed over. Lapo Kabwit Competition plus Live bands: Triple K and Esclav. 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

January 28 – Jaycees Caribbean Teenage Pageant – Carnival City

January 29-31 – B Mobile Mas on De Boulevard – Ole Mass featured through music and costumes. Daily from 12-6 p.m.

February 1 – B Mobile Carnival Warm-up – Laplaine.

February 2 – National Junior Monarch and Bouyon Festival – Dominica’s Bouyon music at its finest paired with the junior monarchs at Carnival City from 5.30 p.m. to 3 a.m.

February 3 – Calypso Semi Finals – Calypso – political commentary mixed with humor and local scandal. The semi final is the last leg of eliminations leading up to the finals. Newtown Savannah beginning at 8 p.m.

February 4 – Carnival Princess Show – Contestants from various primary schools compete for Princess 2006 at The Old Mill, 4 p.m.

February 4 – Calypso Queen Show – Calypso competition for the women that is just too humorous to miss. Carnival City.

February 5-8 – Fun City – Carnival Village.

February 6 – Stardom Calypso Tent – Reigate Dowtown.

February 9 – Showdown Mas Camp – Harlem Plaza –Newtown, 8 p.m.

February 10 – International Artist Concert – TBA

February 11 – Teenage Pageant – Teens from area high schools compete in this annual competition, organized by the Waitukubuli Dance Theater Company. Carnival City, 5 p.m.

February 12 – Lagoon Street Jam – Calypso, Soca, Bouyon Music and a lot of people in a jam. And it’s open to everyone!!! 8 p.m.

February 13 – Lapo Kabwitt/Sensay Festival – Costumes associated with traditional Carnival such as ‘sensay’, ‘cowboys’ and ‘sooswell soowi’ together with music from the goat skin drummers. Marigot, 8 p.m.

February 13 – Panorama – Carnival City.

February 14 – Stardom King of the Tent – A fitting end to the Calypso Show Series where King of The Stardom Tent is chosen. Reigate Downtown at 8 p.m.

February 15 – Champ of the Camp – A fitting end to the Calypso Show Series where a “showdown king of Mas Camp�? is chosen. 8 p.m.

February 16 – Miss Dominica Pageant – The Miss Dominica 2007 Competition will once again highlight the beauty, grace, charm, intelligence and talent of nine Dominican young women between the ages of 18-25. Five segments will take place including Talent, Costume, Swim Wear, Evening Wear and Question and Answer. Carnival City, 8 p.m.

February 16 – Official Masqueraders After Party – TBA

February 17 – Carnival Beer Garden – Peebles Park

February 17 – B Mobile Grand Calypso Finals – The finalists from the semi finals compete for the title of Calypso King – Carnival City, 8:30 p.m.

February 18 – Kiddies Old Mas – Kids turn to have fun dressed up in costumes. Steel pan bands will also put on a show at Carnival City from 2-8 p.m.

February 18 – B Mobile Soca Morarch/King and Queen of the Band Contest – At Carnival City, 9 p.m.

February 19 – National Traditional Carnival Street Parade – Costumes, Bands, Music, Culture, People, one big festival that is rooted in the ole masquerade in which most revelers on the streets wore masks to conceal their identity. Roseau Only.

February 20 – Carnival Tuesday – Street Jump Up, Island Wide.

February 21 – Tewe Vaval – Held in the west-coast village of Dublanc and in the Carib Territory, this is one final event to Carnival – the Ash Wednesday burying of the “spirit of Carnival�? and the beginning of Lent.

February 22 – Cabinet Forum – Diaspora Meeting.

March 9 – Prize Giving Ceremony – TBA

National Development Corporation
Valley Road
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Phone: (767) 448-2045
Fax: (767) 448-5840
E-mail:[email protected]

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