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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Group photo of hikers in Dominica

Hikefest this year ended with a hike the from beautiful village of Capuchin all the way to Cabrits National Park, showcasing segment 14 of the Waitukubuli National Trail.

Unlike the first two to hikes (Salybia to Pagau Bay and Soufriere to Scotts Head), this is a coastal trail which begins and ends within a historical setting from the Canna Heritage Park to the Cabrits Fort Shirley.

Some of the other interesting area along this trail includes the Connor Heritage Park, view of Les Saints & Guadeloupe, Old Church, Rhino horn, villages of Clifton, Toucari & Cottage Cliffs, and Belle Hall Beach.

It is a moderate hike (10.8 km.), although there are some areas along the coastal part of the trail that can be a bit tricky, and will you need to literally climb or drag yourself across if you don’t want to get wet. Look out for falling rock, and wear comfort shoes because 80% of the trail requires you to walk through stones.

All in all it was a Beautiful hike, with wonderful people on nice and sunny day. Just couldn’t be better. If you have a chance to hike Capuchin to Cabrits don’t hesitate to do it, you won’t be disappointed. As always, here are some photos from the hike…enjoy!

photo of hikers in Dominica

image of hikers in the Nature island of Dominica

collage of Dominica coastal views

photo of islet off the coast of Dominica

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barana-aute hut in Dominica

Editor’s note:Article by contributor Ibrahim Abdullah.

OK, so the family had a visit to the Carib Model Village. Trust me that place really takes your breath away. You really get a sense of rich heritage of our indigenous Fore-Fathers, the original inheritors of this bold yet so sublime gift from the creator.

In Just 20 minutes you can really picture and fantasize if you wish how our brothers lived, arguably it may not be a realistic interpretation when we time travel to 2 centuries back to their time, but Carib Model village and the resources at their disposal did a fantastic job.

I wanted to focus on the lack of appreciation of the gifts all around us. Dominica was carved, sculpted and fashioned in a way no mortal architect could have conceptualized. The perfect insertion of that cliff with its Atlantic Ocean wind beaten trees, and the seamless imperfection of the shore line, allows a thankful & ever mindful heart to be fascinated with the wonders of Dominica. You know, i must have taken about twenty something photographs of that cliff, just being overwhelmed and amazed at how so very fortunate I am still to be living in tiny Dominica, with no malls, no cinemas, no International Airport, no Name Brand shopping, very bad roads, expired products sold on food shelves, a political jumbo circus, one telecoms provider, one utilities provider….. OK you get it, the list can go on forever.

BUT guess what? Those so called lapses in country development amenities have traded in my very humble opinion for the Best Quality of Life. A life that offers so much envy (the good type) from visitors fortunate enough to visit and hopefuls who are desirous of trading places with us.

Take an afternoon and sit at the botanical Gardens, don’t plan it please, just be spontaneous about it… And experience the tranquility, watch as the young ones run about and frolic on the grass, take your shoes off, and if and when an ant bites your feet, don’t be in such a hurry to kill it, breath that air, i mean really breath it in. But sit and listen, listen to what? Listen to everything.

I remember all to vividly my mother making an afternoon at the Botanical Escape a treat, ritual and responsibility for us. Gardens offered so much for the unspoiled imagination of twenty something years ago. Boy.. I had so much fun in Gardens. Mother Thank You!!!

My point is we don’t appreciate what we have enough… When you start thanking the Lord for being in a place like Dominica, then you have really moved leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us. May Dominica remain this unspoilt for generations to follow.

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view of soufriere village in Dominica

Unlike the first hike of Hikefest 2009 – the Chemin Letang trail, where it rained for 3 hours straight, the Morne Vert Loop from Soufriere and ended at Soufriere Sulphur Springs was definitely one of the better hikes I’ve been on for quiet awhile.

The weather conditions on the day was ideal for hiking; not too hot but still clear enough to catch some spectacular views.

Morne Vert is located near the south coast of the island and the Soufriere Sulphur Springs.The area has an abundance of geological, as well as cultural history. A perfect example is the Bois Cotellete plantation is one of the oldest estates on the island, which dates back to 1700’s.The ruins are still there. Also apart of trail is the Palmiste Estate – an ancient track which was used by Kalinago Indians.

From the summit of Morne vert the trail continues down into the village of Tete Morne where there are breathtaking views down to Soufriere village. From the opposite side, you can see much of the south coast of Dominica- for example Grand Bay, etc

Hikers Note: Morne Vert Loop trail has been designated an intermediate level of difficulty hike.The terrain varies at time and can be quite steep in certain areas. Climate can be very hot and dry in this location and the smell of sulphur can be strong at times in some areas on trail.

Will I trek Morne Vert Loop Again?

To be honest, I will do this hike again any day of the week – that’s how much I’ve fallen in love with the trail and the southern part of the island.

So whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who is just starting out, the Morne Vert Loop trial has something interesting for every outdoor lover.

Here are images and short video from the trial, enjoy!

historic mill in Dominica

hikers on the morne vert loop trail

Dominica hikers

bois cotellete plantation


 view of grandbay village

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