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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Portsmouth beach in DominicaPortsmouth Beach

For those who consider the island to be as important as the Caribbean vacation, Dominica island have long provided amazing views and a sense of adventure.

Here are five wanderlust photos we’ve hand-picked from our large Dominica photo collection over the years. These images remind us of how fortunate we’re to be living on such an incredible island filled with dramatic black-sand beaches, thick rainforest and beautiful coastal woodlands.

Fair warning to viewers: these images are shockingly attractive and have been known to induce the desire to come to Dominica, those who gaze upon them.

view of scottsheadA beautiful view of Scottshead

coastal woodlands in DominicaCoastal Woodlands, Rosalie Bay

dominica boiling lakeThe famous Boiling Lake, Roseau Valley


Trafalgar Falls, Roseau Valley

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There is no doubt that the Trafalgar Falls are the most popular waterfalls in Dominica. Maybe because of their spectacular nature and the fact they’re just a few minutes way from the capital Roseau.

Monday we decided to go visit the Trafalgar falls again, and as always there were local Dominicans there together with wide variety of tourist. This is maybe my tenth time visiting the Trafalgar Fall and every time it never seems to amaze how lucky I am to be living on such a beautiful island.

Getting To Trafalgar Falls

Getting to the falls is relativity easy. You have the choice of either walking, which might take about an hour to get the falls or you can hire one of the local buses/taxis which will be happy to take you to the falls for a small fee. If you’re new to the island, I suggest you take a local bus/taxi to the falls.

 Dominica Trafalgar waterfalls

Take the valley road out of Roseau towards Laudat, turn right above Fond Cani through the village of Trafalgar (five miles from Roseau), then drive a further mile to the hydro-electricity plants adjacent to the Papillote Retreat Guest House with its fine garden of exotic plants and wild orchids. There is a small parking area on the slope, and easy ten-minute walk along a path that takes one to a viewing platform overlooking the falls. The twin falls are known as “mother” and “father” falls.

exotic water stream

hiking at Trafalgar falls in Dominica

slippery stones at Trafalgar falls

Bathing in Trafalgar Falls

Bathing in the natural pools created by the falls water flow is of the most enjoyable experience, just be ready to climb a moderate to rough path which crosses rocky ground to the base of the “father” falls which is the best place people can bathe. If you’re unable to climb to the falls, you can always soak yourself in the hot springs. In September 1995 there was this huge rockslide which covered the hot springs that the base of the “mother” fall, but did not alter the flow of the river.

Though Trafalgar Falls is a fascinating experience to many visitors, people must also be aware of the dangerous the falls presents. After heavy rains, the flow of the water can still be very strong, and the rocks are VERY slippery, I strongly suggest that visitors be extremely careful and hire one of the local guides when crossing from the viewpoint to the other of the river.

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Mountain biking, hiking and kayaking excursions showcase a picturesque slice of Dominica most people do get to see. Following are some of the many scenic hiking routes to be found in Dominica.

Trafalgar Falls
Difficulty: Easy
Starting point 4 Miles northeast of Roseau, in Trafalgar

Trafalgar Falls is actually a pair of adjacent waterfalls offering a grand view. From the road 10 to 15 minutes walk along a well-maintained path brings you to a viewing platform where you can photograph and see both of the falls. Exploration on the left side of the taller falls is not advised.

Ti-Tou Gorge
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point 5-1/2 Miles northeast of Roseau, in Laudat.

The trip to Ti-Tou Gorge “Little Throat? Gorge in Carib – is a swim to the base of a waterfall through a series of natural “rooms and ponds? formed by high cliff walls canopied by interlaced trees. Dept varies depending on waterfall; the canopied light filtering down the mountainside within the gorge is spectacular.

A hot spring tumbles down a short wall just outside the entrance of the gorge, which you will want to soak in after the cool waters of the falls. To get to the gorge, drive a half –mile beyond laudat.

Emerald Pool
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point 8 miles Northeast of Roseau

Tucked a mere 5 Minutes off the interior Canefield –Castle Bruce road most, this 40ft waterfall is Dominica’s most accessible waterfall with a natural wooden walkway.

Freshwater Lake
Difficulty: Easy
Starting Point 5 Mile northeast of Roseau, in Laudat

Freshwater lake rests at the end of a 2-1/2 mile stone road that begins in the town of laudat. This is Dominica’s Largest Lake and the source of the Roseau River.

Though it’s only 55 ft deep, it has historically been thought to be bottomless and a persistent deep legend tells of a one-eyed denizen of the deep that resides in the lake. The elevated areas around the lake offer magnificent view of the East Coast and the Town of Grand Fond and Rosalie.

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