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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Smoke-free sign

Editor’s note:I’m not a complainer. Really, I’m not. But having lived my first 68 years in the USA, I find that things being different take me some getting used to. Understand, please, I’m not asserting that “different” is wrong. It’s probably right for here; only I’m unused to it.

So, I’m sucking it up and learning to accept those different things. Still, I think it may amuse Dominicans reading this and help inform and prepare Americans, and Europeans and other “1st-worlders” wishing to settle here as well.

I’ll write about those differences – big and small – from time to time, and will preface it with this paragraph so that you know I’m not complaining.

The Dominican Difference #9: Signs

There’s a sign in Calibishie on a building that used to house Domcan’s. The place of business closed and moved to Castle Bruce about a decade ago, but the sign still proclaims the place is open for business. There’s a doctor whose new office is across form the Police Station on the Bay Street in Portsmouth, but a sign on a pharmacy on the next street still proclaims that the doctor’s office is there, and gives an old and wrong phone number.

I suppose that in Dominica everyone knows who’s who and where things are anyhow, because it’s all a rather small, tight-knot community. And that’s good – as far as it goes. But it sure can mislead and confuse us newcomers!

All I ask is that old and misleading signs either be torn down or painted over. Is that too much to ask?

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Comment by Steve Foerster
2009-12-06 00:28:40

For what it’s worth, this is not something that’s unique to Dominica. There’s a sign for a business at a strip mall near me that’s still up even though the business moved two years ago, and that’s in the States.

Comment by Dan
2009-12-06 09:58:40

I”m writing about general practices. There are exceptions, of course. I recall a newspaper expose in Philadelphia about 35 yers ago that showed a man going down a set of stairs to the subway. The sign above the stairs read “Exit, Closed”. One simply had to know the sign was wrong.

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