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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

New Decision Therapy

This post was guest blogged by Dr.Kandis Blakely, the creator of New Decision Therapy:The Alchemy of Forgiveness.

The field of holistic medicine today is continuing to shed new light on the profound interrelationship of our mind and our body.

Studies have proven that emotional factors give rise to physical changes in the body. At the same time, physical stress can greatly affect a person’s emotional state.

Perhaps we can understand the inseparable unity of matter (body) and spirit (mind) more deeply through the analogy of an iceberg. We can view an iceberg floating above the water’s surface and the invisible large mass below the water as two separate phenomena. In fact, each is part of the same iceberg, functioning in a different way. The unseen mass below is responding to undercurrents, and exerting a constant influence on the visible ice above the surface.

The ice mass below the surface corresponds to our mind. The ice sticking out from the surface of the water would correspond to our body. Its physical appearance reveals continuous changes affected by whatever is happening below the surface of the water.

It is the same thing with human beings. We cannot actually ‘see’ our mind. Working ‘behind the scenes’, the body, our mind is generates various forces that are reflected in continuous physical body changes. Our mind and body cannot be separated. They are in fact different expressions of the same individual self.

Just as the surface of the iceberg above the water and the invisible mass below the surface are inseparable, our mind and body are inseparable.

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