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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Leaders from around the Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS) was recently in St. Kitts/Nevis to officially append their signatures to documents intended to transform the OECS into an Economic Union in the effort to deepen integration between the participating countries, and has the potential to bring together a group of very small countries.

Advertised as the financial saviour of the OECS, especially now, when countries like ours need to come up with creative ideas to keep their economies afloat.

The Union presents an opportunity to pool resources as far as the best financial minds and a way forward in these Unfathomable Times. This a great opportunity presented for an exchange of data and other information leading to the transformation of the islands as a unit and as individual territories as well.

But why get involved in any situation when one stands to lose much more than it can gain? Our leaders believe they have to preserve what maintains in the OECS, in their wisdom, sought to determine that is best for the people, and we must give them every opportunity to try and make the union work for once it does, the benefits will certainly be felt here in Dominica and in the wider Caribbean.

What are your thoughts on the newly established OECS Economic Union? Let us know in the comments.

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Comment by Stephen Karam
2010-12-10 08:40:07

History has shown us that Unions are Socialist in origin, with ultimate Communist goals. The Soviet Union should serve as an example of the failure “Unions” represent. But, today it’s much more serious because economic unions are a hybrid between Oligarchs and Fascism. Our so called leaders are mis-leading us on a daily basis and if indeed they had the interests of the people at heart, from whom they incorrectly attribute and derive their so called “power”, instead of “service” then they should never have signed any treaty without first mandating a referendum among the people of the Caribbean. Instead, this a political coup de tat to force people into an economic union without asking any of us whether we want to be part of it or not. And from the replies in the comments section, it appears, no one has any idea what this Caribbean Economic Union is REALLY about. An example to look at is the European Union which extorts massive amounts of money from union members, who in turn have to enact new tax measures that add to the local economic burden of member countries, un-elected officials who cannot be held accountable, and just like they told Ireland, they could tell us, that we can’t have general elections until our budget is balanced. The CEU is bad for us, will offer very little in return, and is nothing more than colonialism re-branded with a change in attitude on how we the people, as economic slaves are managed. The CEU centralizes the power base along with a centralized Justice system that will have no mercy, no compassion, will be inhumane as possible, have very little consideration and will be a single point of corruption for large multi-national corporations. Instead of having to negotiate with various Caribbean governments on various issues such as labour laws, customs fee’s, local laws and regulations, etc, etc, they now deal with the CEU as a cost effective means to manipulate the entire region for their benefit and to our detriment.

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