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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Tsunami in Karachi

There is a proverb in the Bible. Having heard the Lord, a holy man constructed a ship beforehand, thus he saved himself as well as his nearest and dearest during the horrible deluge.

Those who do not believe in God consider this to be a foolish fairy-tale about the Deluge and adduce compelling arguments of scientists who state that there could never exist any possibility of such a flood; but the religious are aware that it is the faith in God that the proverb is dedicated to, and it is necessary to trust in God but not in scientists, and to follow the signs He makes.

The Earthquake in Italy

On September, 27 in Italy seven seismologists were committed to trial. The corpus delicti was as follows: in the city of L’Aquila there was some seismic activity and people, panicking, wanted to leave their homes and spend the night in tents. The Advisory Council that consisted of the scientists reported to the government that the earthquake shocks ‘hardly point to substantial events’. Thus the population was calmed down and decided to sleep at homes that were leveled to the ground at night; more than 300 people were killed.

The seismologists’ attorneys for the defence and many representatives of the Italian and even European scientific community have already claimed that the court of L’Aquila decided “to try science”.

As the representatives of the defence state, it was impossible to accurately predict such a major earthquake even in the earthquake-prone region. More than 5,000 seismologists stood for their colleagues and sent the open letter to the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. As well as the attorneys for the defence of the accused, they stated that science didn’t possess any universal method of predicting earthquakes in such short terms.

So, I have a question: if they considered it impossible to predict the quake, then why the devil they assembled the Council and why they calmed the people down. In my opinion, they must account for their irresponsibility according to the moral commandment. But the lost population obeyed the other laws. They answered with their lives for the trust in Science but not in God, Who had made Signs to them; and it was not so difficult to build “the ark” — just to set up tents on the lawns away from the dangerous houses…

See more details about that here…

The Russian scientist from Tula, Oleg Martynov, predicted the earthquake in Japan

On October 19, 2004 the warning about forthcoming high likelihood of the major earthquake in the Indian Ocean was sent to the Indian Embassy by the group of Russian scientists. There was no reaction from the Indian Embassy.

In mid-October the Russians resent the warning: the earthquake would strike at the near future. And again there was no reaction. And in two weeks after that, on December 24, 2004 the greatest catastrophe in the contemporary history unfolded in the Indian Ocean. From a quarter to half – million people were killed throughout all the coasts of the Indian Ocean, from India to South Africa: the unwarned population collected seashells at the uncovered bottom of the ocean with no worry — before the tsunami the bottom always gets uncovered. There was only one beach where a girl who had read something about this fact gave the alarm, and the people from that beach rushed away and thus saved themselves! There’s no use commenting on this situation.

The unconcern did the population a bad turn: tsunamis hardly ever occur in the Indian Ocean. And it was possible to take the warnings from the Russian scientists seriously or not, but still, it was well worth checking if the misgivings did have some base. But tsunamis, as a rule, occur because of the tectonic plates shift and the scientists were aware of the fact that the fracture goes along the bottom of the Indian Ocean as well as the same ones in the Pacific Ocean that always cause tsunamis. That’s why the shift in the Indian Ocean was inevitable. So, it was really possible just to explain to the population elementary nature laws which are known to any Japanese person. For example, if the bottom of the ocean gets uncovered or animals run away from the coast, that may be a bad omen!

See more details about that here…

The threat of the tsunami in the Caribbean

And now let’s stick to the point. «A collapsing volcano in the Atlantic could unleash a giant wave of water that would swamp the Caribbean and much of the eastern seaboard of the United States, a scientist has claimed.» The essence of the matter is that after the collapsing of the local volcano the island La Palma in the Canaries has fractured and now there is a 4 metres long cleft; that is why the western part of the island may slip down into the ocean at any moment thus causing a giant wave ¾ miles high. In 5 or 6 hours the wave would hit the coasts of the Caribbeans and America, wiping everything off 10-15 km deep into the continent.

Scientists do not know when it’s going to happen. But, from July 14 this year to mid September the Canaries have suffered more than 6, 000 earthquake shocks — that amount is observed for the first time there. Scientists haven’t predicted anything and no one knows how that would influence the stability of the island. La Palma like the sword of Damocles hangs over the Caribbeans.

If the situation on the Canaries is properly monitored, then there will be enough time to save everybody! Thus, the Russians who got the Kuriles from Japan after the Second World War then lost in 1952 about 5,000 people when the tsunami hit the islands coasts. During 50 years after these events tsunamis hit the islands more than 10 times and only one (!) person was killed. As the Russian proverb says, ‘caution is the parent of safety’. And the Russians also say, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. That means that if Noah had relied upon God and had done nothing, he would have drowned. But he did the other way round and began to construct the Ark.

The question is: what are we going to do?

My article was translated for me by Arrievederche

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Comment by Dan Tanner
2011-10-06 20:06:26

Too bad to see such nonsense on this web site.

Comment by Dan Tanner
2011-10-06 20:09:24

Once. Just once, I’d like to see a valid prediction by some religion or so-called psychic.

Comment by Veselo
2011-10-06 22:49:57

Dan, did you read the whole article? If not, please, be advised that it is possible treat of tsunami in the Caribbean. So, do not wait for Scientists to tell you when it will happen – they do mistakes as it shows in the article. Be prepare for the case of the emergency to evacute your family somewhere above 100 meters or higher. Dominica will have at least 3 hours – for to take food and water, and reach save place close to your area.

Comment by Ptica
2011-10-07 00:37:44

Dan, this is not about God and Scientists, don’t be fooled by title and some kind of “prophetic” tone of words. You can call it Nature and People instead )))). Canaries can predict earthquakes, but can you call them “psychic” or ESP)))?

Comment by Dan Tanner
2011-10-07 15:39:10

I did. But you should understand that most people in the world don’t subscribe to the Judeao-Christian mythology. And the percentage is less when you consider all those who have lived (and we now call their religions “myths”). The article would have been good without the preface and only about how silly they’re being in Italy.

Meanwhile, the Rapture predictin is back on, for 2 weeks from now:

Comment by pedro
2011-10-07 19:58:38

this is all dis-proven, scaremongery. get the facts here:

Comment by Veselo
2011-10-09 22:28:50

That is what exactly our article about: to whom to believe?
– To the “leading scientists”, who stands on guard for those, who would lose from the fall of property prices, which will happen not only in the Canaries, but also in all Atlantic coasts.
– Or to those, who warn residents, as it was in the case with the story about tsunamis in the Indian Ocean 2004, where was chosen recommendations of scientists, which would not frighten the tourist and do not let the fall down of income from businesses of Indian Ocean coasts.

When the tsunami will come to the Caribbean, America and other countries and the “leading scientists” will be taken to court, as in the story with Italian village, they will just wide their hands and say that reliable prediction methods do not exist.

Comment by Dan Tanner
2011-10-12 18:12:22

Canaries can’t predict earthquakes. But they are more sensitive than humans to a rise in carbon dioxide. That is why miners used to take canaries down with them. A canary dying in the mine alerted the miners to the rise in the level of this odorless byt deadly gas.

I also happen to be entirely certain that “god” is a myth. But that’s another matter.

Comment by Dan Tanner
2011-10-12 21:35:33

Read carefully and think about the following:

1. Canaries can’t PREDICT anything. In coal mines, they REACT to a rise in CO2.
2. Knowing this, miners use canaries as indicators.
3. If canaries could predict earthquakes, wouldn’t you think that they’d be used for that purpose?
4. “God helps those who help themselves” (which isn’t a Russian saying, it’s American) has a simple meaning: You can’t depend on god (becaause there is none); you must help yourself.
5. This “god” is the god that the slavers inposed on their victims.
6. Religion is easily proved false. (Ready for the October 21 “rapture”?) But foolish people believe it.
7. Science can easily be roved true. But foolish people disbelieve it.

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