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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

In this world there are many ways to make money. By far the most common way to make money is to work a 9 to 5 job, in another words trading hours for dollars. Honestly I have a good job, which pays a descent salary. But sometimes I can’t understand why people choose to make this their only form of income. Working a JOB, is one of the worst possible method of earning a living. Why you ask!

Watched Your Salary Slip Lately
You are one of the government biggest income sources, Congrats! And guess what, there no way for you to escape it because the company which you’re trading your hours with will deduct tax from your pay. Do you know the three entities that are subject to income tax? They are individuals, Businesses and Trust. Individual have the highest percentage income tax ratio.

Individuals Receive The fewest Tax Breaks
Besides being tax the most, individuals receives the fewest tax breaks available. While a company can write-off basically anything it used in the course of business operations. You have to use your trading hours dollars to get to work, eat you lunch, buy cloths, fill your gas tank, etc. The only tax break individuals received is their non-taxable income, which some people have no idea that is.

Earn Dollar Only When You’re Trading Hours
If you are not make money without trading hours, then it’s a tough balancing act. Yet still you want to have time to spend with the family and friends. You can’t have both, when you trade hours for dollars. The only way you can spend more time with your family and friend is to trading fewer hours and if you want make more money you must work longer hours.

A time will come when you will no longer can trade hours for dollars. This could happen in many ways, whether is sickness, accident or retirement. Whatever the cause it all depends on your decisions you’ve made earlier in your life. If you planned well, you’ll have enough to live on without trading hours for dollars.

However, statistics shows that the majority doesn’t plan well and will be force to accept some social handouts – either by the government or family. What will happen to you and your family if you can no longer trade hours for dollars? Most of us don’t carry enough life insurance. We all like to think we’re invincible but we’re not.

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