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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Young Boy Carries Liquid Death To His Family

The boy in the photo might be dead or deathly ill as you read this. The Getty Images photo shows him carrying water from a possibly contaminated source to his family. But one needs water, so what is he to do?

But everyone ate Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe remarks. There was no cholera.

Now that Zimbabwe is “free” from foreigners. Yes, free from the foreign cash investments too! Free from education, dental and medical care, iPods and Windows Vista. Free from the Rule of Law… or any laws at all.

Mugabe was celebrated by all Africa even a decade after he had been proven to be a murderous despot. Ahhhh… but he was OUR murderous despot who vanquished the whites and Asians so that the people could… could what…die?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed almost 800 people and 16,000 has been infected.

Watch shocking footage of Zimbabwe’s humanitarian crisis (Discretion advised).

What Can Dominica Do To Help Zimbabwe?

I’m not sure what Dominica can do for Zimbabwe – but have we TRIED? Because…people are dying from Cholera…Cholera!

Everyday I get to listen to Dominicans complain about every little damn thing, and how they want the government do/fix this-and-this.

Many Zimbabweans are NOW fighting for their lives, and while we continue to complain about petty nonsense. 😡

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Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2008-12-16 02:35:24

Most (not all) of Africa is just a mess. It is ironic that most (not all) of the continent was better off under European colonial rule. Sad.

Dominicans are fortunate to have thrown off the colonial shackles and led themselves to a governmental state where they CAN complain about the government without fear of reprisal. Dominica my have their share of problems, but they can express grievance against the government without having their heads bashed in and their property burned. This is a good thing.

Comment by claire
2008-12-29 04:17:10

I am thankfull for the dominica that we have developed, long may it remain as it is, a democratic country where respect for the ballot box is maintained. May the opposition parties recognise that, they are to be positive in criticism and opposition is to maintain the democractic rule. Yes fellow dominicans, let us study the dilemma of some not all of the nations on the continent of Africa, and copy the good governance but reject the bad . The bad is the fact that the people are divided. may we stand united to build our nation. Let us understand that we may disagree, but we do not have to fight. Let us respect each other opinions without fighting allows remember that their is the ballot box. and governments dont desire to rule forever.

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