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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

By now we all know that we facing a global economic crisis. Similar to what the West Indies Cricket is presently going through, but that’s a whole other story by itself which I will touch on in a later post.

We need to make some serious changes (sacrifices) in our present lifestyle if we are to survive this economic crisis.

Families should start tightening their belts, revised their budgets and all small business owners should look closely at all costs involved in running their small business.

Workers across the region have felt the hardship of these troubled times. Some have had salary cuts. Some have volunteered salary cuts. Yet others have been invited to agree to a shorter work week or forgo one month’s salary.

Now is the time for leaders and workers to see this period as one of challenge, personal sacrifice and high reward if able to emerge from this unstable period with dignity and success.

Finger-pointing and assigning blame at this stage is not only too late but meaningless. What is required now is competent, confident, quiet leadership which should determine the destiny of the country. Don’t you think so?

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Comment by Dan
2009-08-01 10:27:42

Chris, you have a typo in the headline. I know you can spell “sacrifices” because you used the word in the article. It’s just a typographical error.

Comment by Chris
2009-08-01 23:00:46

Thanks Dan…great looking out!

Comment by Dan
2009-08-01 10:30:29

You’re right. I learned as a child, from parents who fled the Holocaust, and survived both the Great Depression and World War II that the key to upward mobility is deferred gratification.

Know what you need and what you want, and know the difference. Never buy what you can’t afford. Work (including working to gain knowledge) and wait and save until you can afford what you’re after.

Comment by Chris
2009-08-01 23:13:14

That’s so true D…too many times people buy things which they just cannot afford, finding themselves in a lifetime of debt.

I too believe in working and waiting until I can afford whatever I want in life.

Comment by Suki
2009-08-03 23:08:40

Hi Chris,

It has been a while, during the growing season here I run a healing garden business that takes me offline for everything except business. The peak of my season has passed so I can get back to reading my blogs, fantasy football, etc. That being said, it is good to read your posts.

In regards to this one, perhaps if we substituted the word change must be made, rather than sacrifices, people might be more apt to take action. I have seen many people here making “sacrifices” but I get the impression that they are just waiting to resume the same behavior that led to the current situation. I also find that people’s definition of sacrifice leaves much to be desired. Things like cable television, Ipods, unlimited calling cell phones, PS2’s, PSP’s, and the Wii are defined as necessities.

As a result, they do not even make it onto the sacrifice list – what then does? When one sacrifices going out to eat at your local restaurant, you are sacrificing your neighbor’s business or job. When one sacrifices buying local clothes to maintain the “necessities”, you are sacrificing your neighbor’s business, your neighbor’s job. When making changes, I think those changes should be well thought out – really considering who benefits from the dollars you have to spend.

This I also believe ties into another post you had that mentioned growing violence among the youth. I will admit that I am biased when it comes to video games, certain cable channels, etc.

That being said video games can not be said to help your Dominican economy and they have been shown to increase the incidence of violence among their players.
We as adults do not need a study to tell us what we should instinctively know – we are what we repeatedly do. How can we continue to endorse violence in a “game” and be surprised when a child is desensitized to violence? This, in my opinion, is a great sacrifice, it saves your dollars and your child.

It is true that families must make changes and the adults must be responsible for making those changes for the good of the family both economically and as a social unit.


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