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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

I think it’s safe to say, that most of us here in Dominica have had enough of this steady diet of American politics – it’s like everywhere I turn, someone or something is blasting information about the US Presidential Election. In fact, I know more about Obama and McCain than my local parliamentary representative and have certainly heard more from them than him.

On October 14th, 2008 CARICOM member states, except for Guyana signed the Economic Partnership Agreement (EDA) with the European Union. This new trade deal is aimed at attracting investment, lowering import tariffs and reducing poverty in the region, and it’s the first genuinely comprehensive North-South trade and development agreement in the global economy. But don’t ask me much more about the EPA, unless you want the meaning of the acronym and some insignificant mumbling. Based on the little I’ve heard, the EPA is going to impact us more than US elections.

This brings me to my next question. Why is there no media blitz to inform us about this new trade deal? Besides local radio programming and a daily two (2) minute slot just before the local nightly news – one would have thought that the EPA deal, would have gotten a lot more media attention in order to get the message across. Right about now, I’m sick to my stomach with the whole American political scene – I need a new diet. What about you ❓

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Comment by Suki
2008-10-20 08:28:12

Agreed. I don’t watch television anyway so I haven’t been bombarded by the terrible ads but when I go into any business that has a television set, unfortunately I am exposed to them. I’ve ignored my personal e-mail account because so many people keep sending nasty e-mails from one side or another. It is truly terrible and I too can not wait for it to be over.

Comment by pete
2008-10-20 09:51:29

Well, the elections will soon be over, but politics will be politics, though this season is a bit extra-ordinary. About the initiatives of the Caribbean leaders, the question is how much of that is really discussed? I think in general there is not enough PR. Every year there are many high level meetings and signed declarations/agreements..How many of these are actually effected? The average man in the street is ill-informed or unconcerned about what Caricom has done, is doing or intends to do. If you ask me its largely a talk shop. Its ok to discuss and represent the population on common interests in the region, but there is definitely not enough emphasis on publicity, follow-through or even forums where people can articulate their real interests. After 30 plus years there is no real freedom of movement in the Caribbean; limited trade and major initiatives that affect the bread and butter of the citizens.

Comment by Dan
2008-10-20 11:45:16

We still live in the USA, and will retire to Dominica in mid-December. We’re sick of the campaign too. We have been sick of Bush and Cheney for 8 years! Fortunately, we live in Massachusetts, and all of New England is so solid for Barak Obama that we’re not seeing many ads, except a few that are aimed at the part of New Hampshire that our TV station reaches.

But money is what makes the world go around. I am certain that our town, with half the population of Dominica has a bigger budget, and that our state has a budget bigger than that of the bulk of the Caribbean states. That makes news.

And I’m hoping that when Obama is in office the US will pay more attention to and give a fairer deal to Dominica and other independent Caribbean nations. And, stop the ridiculous homeland security posing that Bush as put in place and make it easier for Dominicans to get US visas.

Comment by Dan
2008-10-20 15:11:07

More proof that money makes news. In the USA we have people paid large sums to talk on TV stations dedicated to sports — as if it really mattered. Well, I suppose it does to the bettors, the gambling industry and the enormously-paid athletes (but the least to the latter, who play for money, not for team). We have TV and magazines dedicated to entertainment too. What a load of crap! Nobody paid attention to the financial misdeeds going on until the house of cards began to collapse, though. And they’re still transfixed by Madonna’s divorce, Briteny’s pregnancy, and the NFL, World Series, and so on.

In Dominica, I’ll care about our health, the weather, my neighbors, crops, the fish catch, and not much else.

Comment by Abeni
2008-10-21 21:22:17

Sounds suspiciously like something I wrote.


Comment by Chris
2008-10-22 06:47:50

It’s no coincidence Abeni – I came across your post “Musings” and thought that we the share the same sentiments on the whole American Elections issue and the EPA.

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