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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


The Prime Minister of Dominica gives us a great opportunity to talk with him and express their views on the Oil Refinery. Moreover, on the radio the Prime Minister asked to call him everybody, who have alternative ways to develop Dominica. Personally, we, the authors of DW, called him, because we have several ideas, and we are going to share them with the government.

But we are is just the drop through all residents of the island. Head of government is ready for dialogue with the people and it is worthy of respect. But whether people ready for a dialogue with the government? A simple “No” to oil refinery still does not solve all the problems. There is a need for ideas. Here and now! Our ideas, all of us. What do you want to do? Keep silent or to use your chance?

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Comment by ESi
2008-02-15 15:07:02

One must be dazed with the endless rhetoric slung about the air waves in Dominica. On one hand we could say that the majority of Dominicans are concerned about their environment, about global warming and the chaotic weather patterns that plague small states like Dominica. On the other hand we could perceive this overt intrigue as a mere tool used by the opposition to asphyxiate any development idea the present government has.

No doubt all Dominicans should look out for the best interest of Dominica but my goodness how long do we have to spend time intertwined with the trivial intricacies of party politics all the while our island slips further and further behind in the Caribbean ranking. We are the last! Not because Dominica lacks raw materials and an apt labour force. We are at the bottom of the Caribbean chain because we do not know how to sacrifice to get to where we have to be. In other words, we lack vision! It is important to note that the United Statians did not get to where they are without a lot of sacrifice and hard work. Somehow we in Dominica believe that we have to have our cake and eat it too. We want to be green and we want to be developed. We want oil refinery and we want zero pollution. We want wider roads but we do not want to be inconvenienced in the slightest. What exactly do we want?

Have we not learnt anything from Sky View Helicopter Company and the infamous Botanic Garden wall that change in a sometimes difficult inconveniencing process? Were Dominica sits today is a direct result of our own procrastination, of a nasty culture of all talk and baseless criticism. Where are the think tanks? Where are the people who have gone out and lived then returned? What are they doing to enlighten the population? Telling them that a Resort Hotel in Woodford Hill is a great opportunity for farmers and cleaners and secretaries and administrators and individuals educated in the area of hospitality. Why do we continue to turn our backs on these opportunities and still wonder why we are constantly referred to as the poorest island in the Caribbean? Who is causing this mess? It appears that we are swimming the same waters we help muddy.

We need to get out from where we are. We need to stop making the same mistakes that have dogged us for so long. To depend totally on a single industry is a bad thing! We depended on bananas for the majority of our input in the 80´s and look at where it got us. A simple appeal to the World Trade Organisation and we rued the day we ever heard the name `Chiquita.` Now everybody is talking about Eco-tourism. We have a tendency of putting all our mangoes in the same crocass bag. Today it seems that Eco-tourism is that proverbial crocass bag.

The government is trying to usher Dominica into the 21st Century. We need various schemes and ideas that would bring money to the island to develop places like Roseau and basically all over. Dominica needs to be productive! We need to generate money to pay back our international debts and raise the general standard of living of out citizens. What is wrong with a government whose intention is just that? Is this not the goal of the Bajan government? The Saint Lucian government? The Saint Vincent government? The United States government? Why should the Dominican government be any different? Why shouldn´t Dominica come out a winner for a change because we are surely not winning with CARICOM.

I am not a labour-ite. I am not a loyalist to any party. In fact, it is not important what I am and if anything I am a Dominican. That is why I wrote this commentary. Let´s win some for Dominica and disassociate ourselves with organizations that do not benefit us. We are 30 years old this year. It is time we start acting like it.

Comment by Bird
2008-02-16 11:09:05

This is more than just a comment. Thank you!

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