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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The Windsor Park Stadium will be finished soon; many Dominicans are already crowding up the seats of the stadium every night. I must admit that the Chinese did an incredible Job on the stadium in such a short time. Here are some photos I took with my friend Garth Sony Ericsson cell phone. Let me know what you think…please keep in mind that these photos were taken with a Camera phone so please excuse the picture quality

Windsor park Stadium 2

Windsor park Stadium

Windsor park Stadium 3

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Comment by Dan
2007-02-08 20:04:28

If China truly wanted to help Dominica, it could have built something necessary, such as a hospital, schools, a university, or infractructure such as a recycling or sewage treatment facility or roads. The stadium is an extravagant white elephant. Where is the supporting infrastructure of hotels, travel facilities, logistics for food and refreshments & waste treatment? Besides work in its construction, where are the permanent jobs, or any that require education?

Comment by Magdaline Smith
2007-02-08 20:29:31

Looking at the photos of the stadium it looks great, but it would have been much better if the Government did make the Princess Margaret Hospital their main priority. It’s all right having the stadium, just imagine a visitors has to be admitted there they would have a lot to talk about to their relatives on their return from Dominica concerning the hospital.

Comment by Mrs Messam
2007-02-08 22:17:46

I think the stadium is a very good thing for Dominica. Most of the caribbean island have one. Now that we have got a stadium, how about some investors building decent hotel with great facilities and also some nice shops – get rid of some of those hidous dwelling places – they are an eyesore.

Comment by p.alexander
2007-02-21 07:55:22

I never understand dominicans they want everything at the same time.It seems they dont understand how things work.if we can get the stadium from the chinese and fix the hospital threw someother country we should appreciate it.the chinese is building the new grammar school dont mr.dan know that.The west road is goin to build by the chinese and even the upgrade of teh princess margaret hospital.thank you very much.

Comment by Dan
2007-03-17 15:28:16

I am sorry, but I did not know about the Grammar School and the West Road and Princess Margaret Hospital efforts by the Chinese. I ma glad about those. But it should be noted that Dominica doesn’t have the support infrastructure (ability to handle feeding, lodging, handling waste, transporting) necessary to complement the stadium. Perhaps the stadium is a white elephant. I hope not. If events there can bring much-needed revenue in, and that revenue is applied where it is needed it would be a good thing.

Comment by cleo
2007-11-14 07:41:05

i was in dominica recently an i saw our stadium wow its very beautiful, thank you the people of china who even came an build it, i know the chinese has some more improvements plan for dominica, princess margaret hospital need a face lift an any improvement it gets will be a blessing,

Comment by Sean
2007-12-02 08:38:34

I do applaud the Chinese for a job well done, the GRAMMAR School, the west coast road and also the Venezuelans and the Cubans with the Melville Hall airport and a new hotel in Roseau to be erected soon by the Venezuelans, things are looking up and i know that the government did not forget the hospital.

I appreciate my prime minister and his team and commend them for a job well done so far.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-02-07 18:26:05

I’m very happy that Dominica has gotten a stadium its a great way for us to get a crowd to bring in the money that would renovate Princess Margaret Hospital. But I don’t think the prime minister is much of negotiator, because he has yet to land us any of the major events in the Caribbean that would assist in filling that stadium. I there are many possibilities from this stadium, but my people support a prime minister who is not a business man and is way out of his league! Great Stadium Skerritt (I will allow him to take credit for it)

Comment by son of Itassi City
2008-04-15 23:37:35

I was heart broken after reading most of the comments. I couldn’t have finished because most of them was just too negative. I understnad the fact that we all want better and bigger things for our Nature Island but we need to learn to say thank you for what we have thus so far……if we can’t learn to say thank you without a negative statement following then it is best that we don’t say thank you…… as one wise man said “if a country is filled with shoulder, coulder, woulders it means that the country will always keep heading to no where land.”

Comment by Dawn
2008-08-10 14:52:04

indeed the new stadium looks brilliant, and it would be great if we could have other architectural structures in the capital of this magnitude. great job by the Chinese, hope we have learnt something from all this, and i do hope it will inspire young persons to use the facility so that in the near future we could have more than one(1) athlete in the Olympics. well done who ever you are for making it thus far. ps could the people who occupy the shabby houses in Roseau be rehoused and a proper city be erected, because frankly speaking we do not have a capital if you know what i mean.


Comment by boldface dominican
2008-08-11 00:54:03

OH DAWN OH DAWN you sound just like those white people here in the states who promote gentrification”! Where is the money coming from to relocate people who are in deed struggling and thus need an extra hand rather than being tossed a aside like yesterdays garbage. No I don’t support your ethics at all. A proper city be erected mmmh ? what do you want them to do break all the buildings down and erect new ones? May I remind you that if you are Dominican you would actually support the history in our city’s architecture. More than one athlete in the olympics hhmmm… I happy and proud. Yes we need that but is that actually necesary when as you say we have shabby houses to renovate? Schools to repair, roads to establish and also repair, A hospital to bring into the mordern era? mmmm Lets stp insulting our country and those country men of ours needing a break from those lieing disgraceful government ministers elected please!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks have a great day

Comment by phatbway
2008-11-11 18:32:30

I am greatful to the Chinese for the stadium. My one question is this, however; how is the stadium benefiting US? where is the upliftment, who’s going to utilize it and bring much needed revenue to Roseau and the rest of the country? when peeps get hurt there, where are they going to be administered? where are the doctors to take care of the hurt? who’s (foreign athletes) going to want to use this place when they find out they may have to be flown to Guada and or Martinique for care? why do we always put the cart in front of the Horse? ❓ 🙁

NWO is here, beware!

Comment by outswinger
2009-07-25 12:08:42

great looking stadium!…great island with nice people especially the ladies, one love to all Dominicans…

Comment by Chris
2009-07-26 20:34:33

Y…thank you….Outswinger.

Comment by Anthony Ismael
2009-08-21 20:27:25

The stadium looks beautiful. As roads and other infrastructural developments continue, these upgrades will help make Dominica more attractive to tourism. We must remember that Dominica was predominantly an agricultural island nation. Tourism became the focus of the island a few years ago. As a result, we did not have sufficient infrastructure to support large numbers of people. It’s only now that many of the roads are being upgraded. The West Coast road project and upgrades to the Princess Margaret Hospital are all welcome. We can add another thousand feet to the Melville Hall Airport and further improve the approach for night landing, we will be well on our way.

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